Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor Quickfinders

Part of your dog’s grooming routine needs to be trimming their toenails. Most pet owners dislike this job as much as the dog hates it – it can be an ordeal. Most dogs dislike having their paws touched and held at all. While it is much easier on a pet to have their grooming at home and in a safe, familiar environment, may pet owners can be nervous about the prospect of trimming nails and hurting their dogs paws. Part of the reason we dread this chore is because pet owners are afraid they will trim off too much of the nail and accidentally clip the animal’s quick, causing their pet pain and bleeding. These days pet supply companies are making nail trimmers that come with built in sensors and guards to help stop you from hitting the nail quick. They are particularly handy for dogs with dark or black toenails, or small breeds where the nail is difficult to see. For the health of your pet, do not ignore trimming their nails because you worry about hurting them but instead try a pair of trimmers with a sensor or quick finder built in. Some will feature built in guards or stainless steel shields to prevent a dg owner from cutting off to much nail at one time.

Quick Finder
Quick Finder Dog Nail Clipper
QuickFinder Dog Nail Clipper
Small or Large breed. electric sensor to let you know when you are getting too close to the quick for dogs up to 40 Pounds

QuickFinder Deluxe Black
Miracle Coat QuickFinder Deluxe
Miracle Coat QuickFinder Deluxe
Lighted sensor is built in and allows you to know where the quick is in even black toenails. Black

Light Up Sensor Cats Small Animals
Light Up Sensor Cats small animals
QuickFinder for Cats and small animals
Light up sensor quick finder so you can safely trim cats, small toy breed dog or other small animals nails.

Stainless Steel Clipper
Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper
Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper
Millers Forge Classic plier style nail clippers preferred by professional groomers. Safe and easy to use with no slip grip handles. Plier Style

Safari Professional
Professional Pet Nail Trimmer
Safari Professional Pet Nail Trimmer
Easy grip rubber handles to safely hold on to clippers while trimming a dogs nails.

Gentle Paws Cordless
Paws Cordless Nail Trimmer
Gentle Paws Cordless Nail Trimmer
Oster The latest in easy home dog toenail trimming, a cordless dremel to sand nails down gently and safely.Easy to hold on to with built in soft rubber grips on the handles.

Classic Guillotine style toenail trimmer which has been used by professional dog groomers for years. Sharp stainless steel blade.

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